Bound for tri-national cooperation

2018-05/ In Benin, a visit at the end of phase I of the PGDRB has paved the way for intense cooperation across borders. To help cover the management cost of Pendjari National Park ECO Consult has already capacitated the Fondation des Savanes Ouest-Africaines since 2014. German Financial Cooperation (KfW) will continue to support Pendjari, which is emblematic for West Africa's last surviving big game such as elephants and lions. > NEWS

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Promoting sustainable livelihoods in the world's emerging economies is an ever acute mission in view of regional crises and mass migration. ECO Consult combines technical and business knowledge with field competence to translate negotiated policies into action on the ground. ECO Consult assists in interventions that are economically and ecologically profitable and carry long-term pro-poor benefits. > ABOUT US


Coming to grips with sustainability

Sincere action for development means integrated action

Sustainable development indispensably prerequires ecological integrity, economic viability and social equity. This notion underlies ECO's work as a company and is also reflected in our name. But trivial though this may appear 26 years after UNCED, sustainability remains hard to define – and even harder to apply — in practice. For instance, any attempt at reducing greenhouse-gas emissions from forest conversion will fail if we do not touch on land rights, productivity and equitable decision-making. Likewise, the Global Landscapes Forum at their recent gathering in Bonn, December 2017, again underpinned the need for coordinated, interdisciplinary and inclusive action. > Fields of Work