Conservation and Sustainable Use of Selva Maya 

The regional programme aims to secure the Selva Maya rainforest, the most extensive rainforest north of the Amazon. It consists of a network of altogether 23 ecosystems with an enormous biodiversity on the areas of South-eastern Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. The Programme's intervention zone is the triangle formed by the Guatemala, Belize and Mexico borders, which encompasses approx. 50 % of the Selva Maya area. Target groups are the rural populations of the three countries who live in and around Selva Maya.

Measures for the sustainable use of the area's natural resources have been initiated already under coordination of a tri-national coordination group including governmental and non-governmental parties.

ECO Consult, together with IP Consult, supports project activities in Belize. This includes advise to partner organisations, training and supply of material and local subsidies for carrying out pilot measures for forest user groups and agricultural producer groups.

Selva Maya shares the typical imminent threats to primary forests such as unregulated land tenure with forest fires, illegal logging and/or illicit trade in endangered species. While control mechanisms and legal provisions are in place, the project develops on this basis, and implements, adapted procedures for strengthening their enforcement. Environmental protection authorities and civil-society organisations are supported in developing pilot projects to generate income from timber and non-timber forest products and tourism. Pilot projects explore how to promote products specifically collected and marketed by women.  

In the multiple use zone of Selva Maya line agencies and NGOs are supported in developing pilot projects to increase the agricultural production.  

Time span
2013 – 2017    

Commissioning body           
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Cooperation partner
IP Consult