Assisting China in maintaining her precious large-scale afforestations

Guidelines for appropriate decisions and action in the field

2018-07/ As part of its advisory services, ECO Consult has edited a silvicultural manual for the sub-tropical, mountainous areas of pilot locations in the provinces of Guangdong, Jiangxi, and Zhejiang (P.R. China) that was commissioned by BfN. Based on observations and lessons learnt from the Sino-German forestry cooperation project "Enhancement of Ecosystem Services of communally managed commercial Forests in China" the book helps translate the goals and management directions provided in forest management plans and/or stand-wise sylvicultural plans into appropriate decisions and action in the field.

Responding to site conditions and detailed stakeholder demands it communicates in a simple and easily digestible manner i.a. the tending and thinning of young and middle-aged forests. The manual's presentation by ECO Consult at a conference in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, was greatly welcomed by international and national implementation partners.

In countries that wish to adjust or expand management practices in the forest sector, practical silvicultural methods such as thinning techniques, skills like cutting jammed wood or basic work safety requirements are often critically needed. Handbooks that comprise aggregated knowledge for a given site in an easily graspable way can offer precious help.

The project "Enhancement of Ecosystem Services of communally managed commercial Forests in China" (cf. right) is implemented jointly by the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN), the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and East China Normal University (Shanghai). It assists the P.R. in prioritising an evidence-based multi-purpose management and ecological stabilisation of forests in national forest policies – most notably the Master Plan on Forest Sector Development 2016-2020.

Following decades of highly successful reforestation programmes, forests from this era (commercial as well as protection forests) dominate entire landscapes across southern China. They are of low quality and highly susceptible to various environmental risks, including the mounting effects of climate change. If left unattended, they would likely fall prey to gradual degradation. 

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Enhancement of Ecosystem Services of Communally Managed Commercial Forests in China Commissioned by the BfN, ECO Consult accompanies the Chinese Academy of Science and East China Normal University in their efforts to transform predominantly pure plantation forests into more richly structured forests, enabling multi-purpose SFM and strengthening climate resilience. More...