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PGDRB: New partnership agreement signed in Cotonou

2018-05/ Founded in 1954 as a wildlife reserve, Pendjari was labelled UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1986. As a part of the tri-national national parks complex W-A-P (W, Niger - Arly, Burkina Faso - Pendjari) its savannahs became UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2017. In the challenge to gain revenues for the long-term mangagement of the complex KfW Entwicklungsbank has assisted with EUR 32 billion in recent years, mainly to establish the Foundation and capacitate it to invest and use the interest for subsistence. 

In Cotonou a cooperation agreement was now signed among four partners. The alliance brings together Benin's Ministry for the Environment, the FSOA, the "African Parks Network" (APN), a South Africa-based NGO which is to carry on with inputs such as marketing and establishing a monitoring system, and the Benin tourism agency "Agence Nationale de promotion des Partimoines et de développement du Tourisme".

FSOA is bound to evolve all three parks, through the aid of ECO Consult, and thus secure an area of around 30,000 m2. FSOA's work, which was highlighted by a richly illustrated report edited by ECO this May, was appraised by Germany's Embassador to Benin, Achim Tröster. 

ECO Consult wins GIZ three-year-contract

Supporting decentralisation and participatory decision making

2018-04/ ECO, in consortium with GOPA Consultants, is ready to provide technical assistance for decentralisation in Niger. Up until 2021 we are going to support the republic in her efforts, to help people identify more tightly with their community, and mobilize community resources. The GIZ project "Decentralisation and Good Governance" supports the devolution of services and other responsibilities to communities by at the same time capacitating them and promoting people's say in municipal accountability and budget use. Intercommunal exchange will be fostered for more social cohesion, and sustainable civil participation instruments installed for improved local government. ECO Consult is already present in Niger in the context of two other programmes, the Promotion of Productive Agriculture Programme (PromAP) and Primary Education (PEP).

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PGDRB – Sustainable Management of Wildlife Reserves in the North of Benin West Africa, largely deprived of its compelling fauna, is to receive a last chance by capacitating wildlife-related institutions for the sake of Pendjari and Benin's adjacent hotspot protected areas.  More...