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Valuation methods to help assess benefits of the EbA approach

2016-12/ Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) measures are currently piloted across the globe with promising results. Yet, the challenge remains to enable meaningful comparison between EbA and in particular 'grey' infrastructure measures. In a comprehensive cross-country study ECO Consult will now analyse valuation methods currently applied in the field of EbA, and provide guidance on their application. Also, ECO will contribute to knowledge management by supporting the compilation of good practice from existing EbA relevant projects and their publication as 'EbA solutions'. The tasks were mandated by GIZ's project "Mainstreaming EbA". > NEWS

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Promoting sustainable livelihoods in the world's emerging economies is an endeavour with ever more acuteness in times of pertaining civil war and mass migration. On the basis of political frameworks established by UN and related global fora it takes professional elites from several disciplines to trigger change. ECO Consult assists in interventions that are socially and ecologically profitable and carry long-term economic benefits. > ABOUT US


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Introducing SkillsLab

In November, ECO Consult has aligned its training and extension services under a new brand. "ECO SkillsLab" stands for integrated capacity development support, which exceeds isolated training inputs. Here, development practitioners and other stakeholders find a competent partner to build strategic and implementation capacities by way of context-specific and tailor-made support, from conception through to follow-up. Our areas of expertise cover Climate change adaptation, Ecosystem-based adaptation, Value chain development, Ecosystem services, Biodiversity and others, each based on the latest state of the art. Please refer to the corresponding new web pages that showcase our portfolio.
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