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Delegation on visit in Madagascar

2018-09/ This September, a delegation from the Republic of Cameroon is visiting the GIZ-PAGE projet in Madagascar, to study progress in sustainable wood energy, landscape restoration and afforestation schemes. The team, led by the attaché of the services of Cameroon's Prime Minister, was received by the Secretary General and senior officials of Madagascar's Ministry of the Environment. Thanks to PAGE's work in the Boeny and DIANA regions, national policy documents and regulations in the energy and environmental sectors had been revised, to consider wood energy at its fair value. Madagascar is internationally recognized for its commitment to integrate the concept of landscape and forest restoration into national policies. >More NEWS

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Promoting sustainable livelihoods in the world's emerging economies is an ever acute mission in view of regional crises and mass migration. ECO Consult combines technical and business knowledge with field competence to translate negotiated policies into action on the ground. ECO Consult assists in interventions that are economically and ecologically profitable and carry long-term pro-poor benefits. > ABOUT US


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Sustainable development indispensably prerequires ecological integrity, economic viability and social equity. This notion underlies ECO's work as a company and is also reflected in our name. But trivial though this may appear 26 years after UNCED, sustainability remains hard to define – and even harder to apply — in practice. For instance, any attempt at reducing greenhouse-gas emissions from forest conversion will fail if we do not touch on land rights, productivity and equitable decision-making. Likewise, the Global Landscapes Forum at their recent gathering in Bonn, December 2017, again underpinned the need for coordinated, interdisciplinary and inclusive action. > Fields of Work